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Ravens' Rice Keeping "My Nose Clean"

In today's world, that quote by Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is a very good thing to hear and know. Unfortunately, not every player in the NFL is keeping their noses "clean," but the Ravens running back hs backed it up with his community service in his hometown.

In a story noted on, Rice is working with kids in his hometown, barely mentioning football and the NFL, but preaching school and daily life to them. The original story on The Baltimore Sun's Ravens Insider, details Rice commitment on focusing on being prepared to report to the team as soon as the NFL labor impasse is finally settled.

Rice has been staying in shape, working out with personal trainers, and was in attendance at the "players-only" workout at Towson University's Johnny Unitas Stadium a couple of weeks ago. With the nightly news constantly reporting stories of NFL players in some sort of trouble, it's good to know that Ray Rice is "having an extremely good off-season."