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Ravens Draft Grade: 2008

SB Nation has a great site whose only purpose is to focus on the NFL Draft. All year long, Mocking The Draft looks ahead and back to the NFL Draft coming up and the ones already in the past. Yesterday they reviewed the 2008 NFL Draft picks of the Baltimore Ravens. This is the draft that brought us QB Joe Flacco, RB Ray Rice and other players who continue to play important roles on the team.

Mocking The Draft (MTD) breaks down each pick individually giving them a grade and then grades the Ravens entire draft as a whole. They give excellent grades for both Flacco and Rice, but also rate the selections of Tavares Gooden, Tom Zbikowski and Haruki Nakamura as solid. They were not too complimentary, and understandably so, on wide receivers Marcus Smith and Justin Harper and weren't overly thrilled with the other guys, who have either not materialized or no longer playing in the league.

What's interesting about the story is that they were sharp enough to add the so-called "expert's" comments on the Ravens picks back when the 2008 NFL was held. Read the story by clicking on the link above to see what Mel Kiper and Pete Prisco had to say three years ago and see how their comments might have came back to haunt them by some of the Ravens 2008 picks' success.