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Ravens' James Hardy Says Baltimore Believed In Him

In a story posted in the Carroll County Times by Aaron Wilson, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver James Hardy says of his time in Buffalo and now ending up here with the Ravens, " Unfortunately, they didn't believe and Baltimore did." Hardy was drafted by the Bills in the second round out of Indiana,but never seemed to catch on, and the Ravens signed him to a "futures" contract and now are expecting him to be their "sleeper" at wide receiver.

With all the talk about the team's new rookie wide receivers Torrey Smith (Maryland) and Tandon Doss (Indiana), Hardy is in the shadows for the most part but knows he can add a great combination of size, speed and skills to the mix. Veterans Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason will be the primary targets of QB Joe Flacco but it will be hard to ignore what Hardy brings to the table.

At 6'5" and 220 pounds, he was hard to miss at the recent "players-only" workout at Towson University two weeks ago. While we were interviewing Ray Rice on the sidelines towards the end of practice, what looked to be an errant throw in our direction was snared by Hardy, who tiptoed out of bounds after leaping high in the air to make the grab.

Look forward to the new Ravens passing attack and their star receivers, but don't overlook James Hardy. Buffalo did.