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Former Ravens' Stallworth Sings Praises of Terrelle Pryor

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According to the National Football Post's Aaron Wilson, former Baltimore Ravens wider receiver and now free agent Donte Stallworth has been working out with former Ohio State Buckeyes QB Terrelle Pryor and says the kid can really "sling the ball!" Prior declared for the NFL Supplemental Draft after a eligibility scandal rocked the Ohio State football program, ending with the suspension of several players and costing head coach Jm Tressel his job.

Pryor has been looked at more as a wide receiver for the NFL than a quarterback, but there are others, including Stallworth, who feel he can play the QB position in the pros. They point at Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick and now at rookie Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers), which some feel Pryor is just a bigger and stronger version of both.

The Baltimore Ravens have been rumored to be taking a look at possibly drafting Pryor in the Supplemental Draft to play wide receiver, but that remains to be seen. Some team will definitely take a flier on the young man, as his size, speed and skills will be hard to pass on by all 32 NFL teams.