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Ravens Brace For Free Agent Feeding Frenzy

Not only are the teams bracing for what should be a free agent feeding frenzy once the NFL labor dispute is settled, the players are also concerned that they may be overwhelmed or perhaps even overlooked. Chris Carr of the Baltimore Ravens voiced his concerns and proposed a breakdown of who should be allowed to sign first.

In a story from the Carroll County Times, the veteran cornerback feels that teams should be given the first shot at re-signing their own free agents, then go after the veteran free agents and finally the undrafted free agents. If the NFL owners and players do what is rumored to be happening and agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement within the next two weeks, then that should leave around two weeks for these free agents to be signed before Training Camps open around the league.

While these are not ideal circumstances to be working under, both sides in the lockout have no one but themselves to place the blame on, as us fans have been saying that there is way too much at stake, both financially and marketing-wise, to risk delaying or losing part of the 2011 NFL season.