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Derrick Mason's Take On NFL Top 100 Players

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason was interviewed recently on Baltimore's 105.7 The Fan on a variety of topics. Mason, not one to keep his opinions to himself, revealed who he thought was the best player in the NFL as well as who he would rank higher, teammates Ray Lewis or Ed Reed. He also says which cornerback he thinks is the best in the league and finally talks about how much the move of the team's Training Camp from Westminster to the Owings Mills Practice Facility will miss the fans.

In an interview posted on Sports Radio Interviews, Mason opens up to give his opinion on these topics, from as honest a stance as ossible. A loyal teammate, he would understandif the NFL looks at Ray Lewis' contribution over his 15 year career, although e could see hw Ed Reed changes games when he gets his hands on the ball. Not wanting to definitely pick one over the other, he could see it going either way.

Not so for the best player in the league, as he thinks that without Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts would be a mere shadow of themselves. See, and hear everything he says by clicking on the link above.