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Ravens LB Jameel McClain Does Plyometrics

From an article in the Carroll County Times, Aaron Wilson details the new training regimen that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain has been working out with, trimming ten pounds off his now-chiseled physique. McClain realizes that when the NFL Lockout finally ends, he better be in tip top shape, as he knows that there are other linebackers on the team that would gladly trade starting positions with him.

The undrafted McClain started fifteen games next to Ray Lewis in 2010 and prefers to keep it that way in 2011. He knows the best way to do that is to report in excellent shape to keep the possibilities of another LB moving ahead of him on the depth chart. While he may have dropped a few pounds, he added muscle and increased his speed both of which should help him survive the brutality of playing the inside linebacker position.

One of the routines that McClain has been doing is called Plyometrics, which is another word for high-impact jump training. I know this as it is part of the hottest fitness craze around known as P90-X, which I have been doing non-stop since last November. It is by far the toughest cardio workout out there, and if you have any motivation to be in anywhere as good a shape as Jameel, much less me, try an hour of Plyo to humble you. Be advised, as the P90-X video starring spokesperson Tony Horton recommends, "get your little bucket nearby, my friends."