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Domonique Foxworth Writes For

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth took over for Sports Illustrated Peter King and wrote this week's Monday Morning Quarterback column on Foxworth is not only the Ravens cornerback, but also is on the Executive Committee of the National Football League Players Association.

Foxworth has dealt with the labor dispute on a firsthand basis, actually being in the room when the negotiations have been going on, so he knows the context of where the dispute stands and should have a better idea of how and when it will be ending that the average NFL player.

He wrote a lengthy column on the issues, and also expanded on what many of the players are doing in their downtime, but also made some interesting observations on various non-football related issues. Reading his column, it is obvious that Foxworth is well versed in not only the NFL labor issues, but issues in general, and has a great, if not dry, sense of humor based on his ending comments.