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Sorry Ladies, Joe Flacco Is No Longer Single

Yup, it's true. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco left the ranks of bachelorhood this past weekend. Flacco married his long time girlfriend, Dana Grady this past weekend in Philadelphia. This news probably breaks the collective hearts of a lot of female fans in and around the Baltimore area, and might even draw certain reactions from a lot of his male fans as well.

Don't get the wrong idea about that last comment, as many fans will undoubtedly come out with the comment that he will become soft and lose his focus, now that he has tied the knot. At the same time, others like me, for instance, would argue that he now has that stability in his life and you will see a more focused and driven young man who has matured into what Ravens fans will see is the unquestioned leader of this offense in 2011.

Look at it any way you like, but either way, congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Joe Flacco!