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Suggs Among Best Run Stoppers In NFL

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Football Outsiders goes deep inside the numbers to come up with a ton of different ways to look at NFL statistics. This time they are looking at run-stop rates for individual players in the league and Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs is among the best in the NFL at the linebacker position.

According to the stats, Suggs has an 85% run-stop rate, second best in the entire league behind Dallas Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware (91%). However Suggs is the best in the NFL at limiting the yards rushing, allowing a stingy 1.6 yards per rush on plays that he makes the tackle on.

On the defensive line, Ravens DT Haloti Ngata was the 11th best (86%), but fellow lineman Cory Redding was ranked among the worst in the league (65%) at stopping the run. For defensive backs the bad news was that no Ravens were among the top ten in the league at stopping the run and the good news is that there were no Ravens among the ten worst in the league at stopping the run.

Mostly, that stat is just saying that all the tackles on opponent's rushing plays are stopped by either Suggs, Ngata or other Ravens on the front seven, including of course, ILB Ray Lewis.

Football Outsiders also looks at 'broken-tackles' here.