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NFL Lockout Could Cost Baltimore $2 Million Per Game

According to a story on Reuters, if the NFL labor dispute ends up cancelling games in 2011, it could cost Baltimore $2 million per home game and between Baltimore and Washington, the state of Maryland could lose as much as $40 million in revenue. With the Ravens and Redskins playing a combined 20 home games, including pre-season contests, the state might take a huge financial hit that it is counting on to help during what continues to be a difficult budget situation in Maryland.

Between ticket sales, merchandise, concessions and taxes on wages earned by those working at and around the stadiums, that $40 million will make the politicians sit up and take notice on the effect that professional sports have on the state's income. This is just another reason why the Lockout is not just affecting the players in uniform on the field, but so many other people as well as the citizens of every state that has a football team to call their own.

Just another reason why the NFL labor dispute needs to end as soon as possible so that there can be a full complete 2011 NFL season.