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FOOTBALL COPS, Starring Peyton & Eli Manning

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Peyton and Eli Manning’s new project FOOTBALL COPS has released a full trailer in conjunction with the launch of

ABOUT THE SHOW: Mike Tahoe (Peyton Manning) was living the dream as a big league quarterback, until a personal tragedy brought him back to the mean streets of his childhood. Vowing to bring those who wronged him to swift justice, he enlists the help of his best friend, and biggest rival, C.J. Hunter (Eli Manning).  More information about FOOTBALL COPS can be found on the official website. While you’re visiting the site, be sure to check out full episode descriptions, character bios, and download extras such as wallpapers and ringtones! They’re excited to bring you this groundbreaking footage and think that all NFL fans are going to love seeing the Manning brothers in action!

Would it be wrong for fans of the Baltimore Ravens to root for the bad guys to "win?"