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Ravens Could Be Interested In Browns FB Vickers

There is a decent chance that the Baltimore Ravens will not be willing to meet the salary demands of LeRon McClain and therefore would part ways with their All-Pro fullback. At the same time, a similar situation may be brewing with the Cleveland Browns and their FB, Lawrence Vickers. Many people consider Vickers the best run-blocking fullback in the league, according to ESPN's James Walker, in his AFC North Blog.

While McClain will probably command huge bucks on the free agent market, Vickers would certainly come at a much cheaper price if the Ravens were interested. A big guy in front of Ray Rice would open huge holes for the diminutive running back, who did not have the type of season neither he nor the team expected from him in 2010.

Along with a healthy and better offensive line, a blocking fullback would improve the run game, which in turn would open things up for QB Joe Flacco and his revamped and supposedly loaded receiving corps. If the Collective Bargaining Agreement is signed by mid-July, the Ravens could very well say goodbye to one fullback and hello to another.