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Thursday's "Cup of Joe"

The sad part is, Reed is probably a better pitcher than Guthrie... I needed an Orioles reference too....
The sad part is, Reed is probably a better pitcher than Guthrie... I needed an Orioles reference too....

Well it seems as if this series is bound for success seeing as the previous two had 70+ comments which is pretty good considering the time of the year it is right now, and hopefully we will see more once the NFL season starts back up and we have more news. But until then, enjoy today's fresh-hot, "Cup of Joe"!

Mason: Flacco Will Win Super Bowl Before Ryan " Baltimore Ravens Blogs

"[I can't fathom] why Matt Ryan continuously gets all the credit and all the hype," Mason said on ESPN’s First and Ten. "Maybe because he was the first quarterback chosen [in the draft]. And Matt is good. I played against him and we lost and he’s a very good quarterback. But if you look at what each one has done, I think Joe has proven that he will win a Super Bowl before Matt Ryan." And I don't think many Ravens fans disagree based on Joe's 4-3 play-off record, compared to Ryan's 0-2 record.

Baltimore Ravens: How the Ravens Can Beat the Steelers | Drew Frazier (Bleacher Report)

Take the horseshoe out of Ben's arse? news: Ravens' Suggs switches sides, supports rookie wage scale

Terrell Suggs, who picked up a big initial payday after the Baltimore Ravens made him the 10th overall selection in the 2003 NFL Draft, has changed his mind about a rookie pay scale. He's in favor. Suggs states that if the NFL implemented a NFL rookie wage scale, "You'd have rookies that would come in and show up to work with their blue-collar shirts and their hard hats. We would have less prima donnas in the league."

Ravens move 2011 training camp from McDaniel College to Owings Mills facility - The Washington Post

The Baltimore Ravens will move their 2011 training camp to their facility in Owings Mills from McDaniel College in Westminster. Ravens’ vice president of operations, Bob Eller, said Wednesday that uncertainty over the NFL lockout forced the team to make the move.

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed working back from injuries |

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed, in town for his annual football camp at Destrehan High School, said Tuesday he's still not 100 percent healthy. The perennial Pro Bowler underwent hip surgery before the 2010 season and has suffered from lingering neck problems that have forced him to miss 10 games over the last two seasons. Hopefully Reed will snap back into his perennial pro-bowler form that we all know and love.

WVU-Maryland Game To Be Played in M&T Bank Stadium

West Virginia's 2013 game against Maryland, on Sept. 21, will be played at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, which is the home of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. The deal was announced Wednesday. The Terrapins will also play Virginia Tech at the stadium in 2014.