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Top 50 Ravens Of All-Time: The List

BaltimoreRavens,com finished their list of the Top 50 Ravens of All-Time. The list, compiled by writers Mike Duff and Ryan Mink, counted down the list in groups of ten until the final ten, We know who the top three will be, although their order may draw a bit of debate, although not much.

However, it might be the rest of the top ten, if not the middle part of the list that will stir the commentaries from fans. Just prior to the top three, placekicker Matt Stover is listed at #4 and just behind him, LB Peter Boulware comes in at #5.

Terrell Suggs, Jamal Lewis, Michael McCrary, Chris McAlister and Haloti Ngata round out the top ten in this order, which to me needs significant revision to meet my approval. As good as Suggs is, Boulware and perhaps even Stover were, I cannot place them ahead of Jamal Lewis, who rushed for over 2,000 yards one season, temporarily settling an all-time single game record along the way.

Stover was a great kicker and may have singe-handedly won many games for the Ravens, but to place a guy who touches the ball, even with just his foot, around five times a game is not going to get the nod in comparison with a guy who at times carried this offense on his back around 30 times per game.

The debate here on Baltimore Beatdown starts now, with your comments below.