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Ravens Pull Plug On Training Camp In Westminster

The Baltimore Ravens officially announced today that they will not be holding their summer Training Camp at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, due to the continuing NFL Lockout. The team had no choice but to pull the plug on the location, as the team needs a certain amount of time to prepare for such a complicated move and the college and Best Western Hotel, where the team stays during this time, needed to make alternative plans.

The Ravens have practiced in the summer in Westminster for all 15 years that they have been in Baltimore and the old Baltimore Colts practiced their every year as well. Team officials say they are very sorry to be in the position to have to make this unpopular decision, but waited until the last possible moment before announcing it.

Training Camp will be held at their Owings Mills, Maryland Practice Facility, but fans will not be permitted to attend those practices, due to legal issues related to zoning, traffic and parking. Media will still be present to report on the camp, and the team plans to hold at least one, if not more practices at M&T Bank Stadium. Those stadium practices will be open and free to the public, but certainly not the type of environment, much less access to the players that they would have liked.

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June 22, 2011



Because of the uncertainty as to when the NFL lockout will end, the Baltimore Ravens will move their 2011 training camp from McDaniel College to their year-round facility in Owings Mills.

Last summer, over 110,000 fans attended the open practice sessions at McDaniel, the Ravens’ training camp home since the franchise started in 1996.

"We’re disappointed we won’t be back at McDaniel and in Westminster this summer. We delayed the decision as long as we could," Bob Eller, the Ravens’ vice president of operations, said. "There are logistics that needed to be addressed now, including McDaniel’s schedule, the hotel, the fields and other Ravens football functions. Right now, we don’t know dates for camp, and we’ve been forced to make other plans.

"One of the main issues we have is the time it takes to move our entire football operation to Westminster and then bring it back to Owings Mills. Those are days we can’t afford to lose as our team prepares for the season in what has become a condensed time period," Eller explained.

The Ravens have spent all 15 of their training camps in Westminster. "We’ll miss being there, working with the college and the Best Western hotel. They have been very patient with us through this process," Eller added. "We’ll also miss the interaction with the fans, which is a huge part of our camp experience."

"We’ve appreciated the Ravens keeping us in the loop through this process," Ethan Seidel, McDaniel College’s vice president of administration and finance, said. "We’ve had ongoing discussions internally and with the Ravens, knowing that the closer we got to a regular training camp start date, the less likely it would be logistically feasible to pull it off this year. We’re certainly not surprised by this and have been prepared for this scenario. When the NFL has its new agreement, we look forward to speaking with the Ravens about continuing our partnership with them."

The Ravens’ lease agreement with Baltimore County does not allow for fans to attend practices in Owings Mills. "We don’t have the parking space for the fans, and the roads could not safely handle the type of crowds we attract," team president Dick Cass explained.

Cass noted that the team has already begun discussions with McDaniel College to return to Westminster for future Ravens training camps. "We hope to have a full NFL season in 2011, but the current timing compelled us to make this decision. We waited as long as we could, but we’re beyond the dates when we could efficiently prepare for the move to McDaniel for a normal training camp start. We do fully anticipate, however, to be back at McDaniel next summer," Cass said.

Once a new collective bargaining agreement between the franchises and the players is reached, the Ravens will announce practice schedules. "We will make every effort to have one or more practices at M&T Bank Stadium once we can determine our camp schedule. And, these sessions at M&T will be free and open to the general public," Cass added.