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Ravens' Chris Carr Says Ravens Need No One To Motivate Them

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Chris Carr may end up becoming a free agent once this Collective Bargaining Agreement mess is finally settled. However, for now he considers himself still a Raven and says his team does not need any "bulletin-board" material in order to get motivated to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Getting knocked out of the playoffs by Pittsburgh two of the the past three years should be motivation enough for Baltimore to spend the off season and all of next yer focusing on winning the two regular season contests between the teams as well as if they happen to meet again in the post season.

Carr was interviewed on the 'Norris & Davis Show' and gave his opinion on a variety of things, including the recent comments by Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley, who said that QB Joe Flacco will never win a Super Bowl in his lifetime. Those comments fueled Carr's need to respond in this interview as noted above.