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Wednesday's "Cup of Joe"

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Thank you for everyone's compliments yesterday, I'm glad all of you enjoy this series, and I hope you guys continue to enjoy it. But on that note, here's today's fresh-hot, "Cup of Joe"!

Baltimore Ravens: Phil Simms Speaks Highly of Franchise QB Joe Flacco | Bleacher Report

Recently, there has been negative criticism directed towards Joe Flacco. But Phil Simms thinks that the Ravens are more than capable of winning with Joe Flacco. "If I was a Baltimore Ravens fan, it would give me great hope that he’s going to continue to go upward", Simms said. Another interesting point that Todd McGregor brings up is that, not one quarterback since Dan Marino and Bernie Kosar, has enjoyed the same success at the start of their respective careers in the NFL as Flacco has. Flacco prepares to head into his 4th NFL season with a 4-3 playoff record, and a chip on his shoulder to prove all of the critics wrong.

Ryan Clark: Joe Flacco is 'still trying to take that next step to become an elite quarterback'

Steelers safety Ryan Clark was asked to give his opinion on the Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco. Clark took it easy on Flacco on Tuesday, passing on an opportunity to make fun of Flacco's facial hair and saying, "I’m not sure he has progressed in the way people think he has. He’s been good since he came into the league, though. I think he’s still trying to take that next step to become an elite quarterback. Is that to say he can’t win as long as we’re playing? No, I’m not saying that because there are 21 other guys that have to start a football game other than Joe Flacco,"  

Ravens Need To Use Fullback | Football News Now

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has expressed a desire to have the club’s running game in high gear during this coming season, and to do that the Ravens need to have someone take the heat off No. 1 back Ray Rice. "The best way to develop a power running game is to utilize a fullback in the offense, someone who can block for Rice so he doesn’t take as many hit". But in my opinion, the blame shouldn't be placed on the fullback, but rather on our offensive-line.I think with everyone coming back healthy next year, hopefully including Jared Gaither, we will see an all-around improvement on our offense.

Baltimore Ravens: Free Agency Is Still Uncertain for the Ravens | Bleacher Report

Our dear friend, Drew Frazier (Bal_Hawk) argues that the biggest concern for the Ravens this off-season is not to be big players in free-agency, but rather to re-sign the players they already have. While most of us here at Baltimore Beatdown would love to see the Ravens pursue Nnamdi Asomugha, the fact remains that we have other players that we need to take care of first. Players I think the Ravens should put at the top of their list are; Haloti Ngata, Jared Gaither, and Josh Wilson.

Report estimates $40M revenue loss in Maryland if NFL season canceled - The Washington Post

Maryland, which is home to two NFL football teams, would lose an estimated $40 million in tax revenues if the NFL’s season is canceled because of a labor dispute, a study by the Maryland comptroller’s office said Tuesday. But due to the recent progression in labor talks, it seems unlikely this worst-case scenario will happen..

Battered NFL retirees want better benefits in new labor deal -

A dozen former NFL players put their faces and suffering on display at the National Press Club on Monday. "These are courageous men," said Brendon Ayanbadejo, a ninth-year Baltimore Ravens linebacker and special teams player among a half-dozen current players who showed up to lend support. "I came here for them. This is far from the glitz of the NFL."