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Drew Brees: Unquestioned Saints' Leader

From a story posted by Sports Radio Interviews, New Orleans Saints FB Heath Evans details what he has been doing in the down-time of the NFL Lockout, specifically the players-only workout held by the Saints and how it was organized, ran and financed.

Without Evans mentioning it in this interview, most people would have had no idea that Saints QB Drew Brees organized and paid for the entire thing:

"Drew [Brees] has done, amazing is not even the word. You talk about your quarterback picking up the tab for flights and hotels and the Tulane strength and conditioning staff and the medical staff. I cannot say enough about Drew and what he’s done for our team and that organization."

Brees will be entering his 11th year in the league come the 2011 NFL season, and knows full well what not only he needs to do to be ready, but what his teammates need as well. The guy has been nothing other than a class act from the time he entered the league through choosing to go to the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged city of New Orleans as a free agent to everything he has done as a local citizen and professional football player during his tenure there, including bring the area the Super Bowl trophy in 2010