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Tuesday's "Cup of Joe"

Well, after much consideration I've decided to name this series, "Cup of Joe." Credit to the name goes to Mr. MaLoR. Thank you for all of your suggestions and I hope you all enjoy todays fresh-hot "Cup of Joe. "

Vickers to Ravens?

ESPN analyst, James Walker thinks it's a possibility.

Sergio Kindle cleared, ready to go for 2011 season

Kindle is ready to go bust some skulls, just hopefully not his this time....

Ravens interested in Asomugha

I'm drooling at the though of Reed, Smith, and Asomugha sharing the same field.

Flacco: "Woodley obviously has no idea what he's talking about"

Joe isn't outspoken enough huh?

Ravens Give Back to Community

Cleaning up Baltimore, one playground at a time.

Tom Zbikowski's boxing career over

For now anyways.

Haloti Ngata found surrogate father in high school coach

Great story about Ngata and his high-school football coach.

Defensive-backs could be used more in pass-rush in Pagano's defense

Organized Chaos 2.0?

Fallen marine is remembered

Amazing story about the Patriot Guard Riders protecting the honor of a soldier, from the Westboro Baptist Church. It's nice to see someone doing something about these radical a$$-holes. God Bless America!