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Filed under: Top 50 Ravens Of All-Time is using this down-time due to the NFL labor dispute to tackle the list of the Top 50 Ravens of All-Time. They just posted numbers 50-41 on their site, as composed by writers Mike Duffy and Ryan Mink.

Without wanting to take away all of the anticipation from these two guys, the list starts with former safety Kim Herring, who played on the 2001 Super Bowl 35 winning team, then found greener pastures with the St. Louis Rams and faded into wealthy obscurity, as so many other former Ravens' defensive players have done.

The rest of the first ten players released are sure to draw debate, but it will be tough to figure out where they truly belong until the full list is completely published. As interesting as it might end up being, it will be relatively anti-climatic when we get to the top three Ravens of all-time, with the open understanding that it should end up being a combination of Ray Lewis, Jonathan Ogden and Ed Reed. At least right now...