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Value-Priced NFL Free Agents

Over at the National Football Post, Greg Gabriel takes a look at some of the potential veteran free agents who could be on the market at reasonable prices once the NFL labor dispute is settled. He also states that there is a solid chance that the NFL Lockout could end as early as July 10th, leaving two weeks of a feeding frenzy for the veteran and undrafted free agents out there to be signed before Training Camps open around the league.

Gabriel lists six guys in a variety of positions that are not star-quality players, but would definitely help out certain teams based on what they offer in terms of where they might fit in on certain offensive and defensive schemes. One of the players that might interest Baltimore Ravens fans is RB Mewelde Moore, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With the expectation that RB Willis McGahee might not be returning to the Ravens, they could be in the market for that multi-purpose back that would be needed to complement Ray Rice. Moore is only 29 years old and could also bring the Ravens an inside scoop on his former team, which just happens to be the Ravens biggest rivals.