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Seven experts on NFL.compicked what they felt was the best game of the 2010 season. Two of the seven experts liked the Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, yet they were not even talking about the same game. While Steve Wyche liked the Steelers 31-24 divisional playoff victory over the Ravens, Pat Kirwan felt Pittsburgh's 13-10 victory over Baltimore in week 13 of the regular season was the better game.

The other five analysts liked other games, but it is increasingly obvious that whenever the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers face off, it is almost certainly guaranteed to be another classic battle in what has become the best rivalry in the NFL, if not all of sports. The reason I confidently make the "all-of-sports" remark is that in no other league is every game virtually decided by one play near or at the end of the game.

Other sports have rivalries that have lasted generations, but the games do not always live up to the hype. In the last three years, the Ravens and Steelers have played eight times, and in no game was the victory settled before the last few moments of each contest. Disagree? give me a better example and I will respectfully yield that title, but until then I stand firm as I'm sure all Ravens, Steelers and most other NFL fans will agree as well.