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Ray Lewis' Helping Kid Making National News

Many people will recall the April news story in which a New York mother who drove her mini-van filled with her three kids into a river in a horrific attempt to kill herself and her children. She managed to drivew the van into the lake, but one of the boys, a ten-year old, escaped through the car window before submerging, and swam to the shore to save himself. Unfortunately, he was the only one who survived the ordeal, as his mother and two siblings perished beneath the frigid waters of the Hudson River.

The Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis was obviously touched by the thought of what this boy had experienced and wanted to get involved and play a role in his future. Through a fundraiser with Carolina Panthers' cornerback Reggie Howard, Lewis has pledged to be around for the child, offering to pay education costs along with emotional support.

More on this in a story noted on Ravens Insider by Baltimore Sun writer Edward Lee, including how NBC's 'Today' show had a segment on the boy's struggle and Ray Lewis' desire to do what he can to assist the young man in what is a terrible tragedy in his life. Nice work, Ray!