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NFL Organization Rankings

Adam Schein of, hosts a show on Sirius NFL Radio and is a weekly contributor for Fox Sports. He did a column on his ranking of the best organizations in the NFL, basing them on a combination of factors, including owner, quarterback, head coach, front office, the rest of the coaching staff and finally, the intangibles.

Not surprisingly, he gives the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers the top spot, and it would be hard to argue their ranking. In what other sport can the team from the smallest city in the entire league win the championship? Just a couple of years after one of the best QB's in league history left the team, they regroup and win it all.

Schein puts the Baltimore Ravens in the 9thslot overall in the NFL, not a bad place to be, but I'm sure that Ravens fans might want to debate that based on who is ahead of them in the top eight slots. In eighth place are the Atlanta Falcons and most Ravens fans are getting a bit sick and tired of hearing how much better the Falcons QB is than theirs, despite virtually the same exact statistics and zero playoff wins for Atlanta.

It's tough to argue these rankings, as they are all based on very subjective criteria, but to be considered one of the nine best organizations in the entire NFL is still a compliment, regardless of who is ranked ahead of them (Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts) or behind them (Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins).