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Ravens' Paul Kruger Interviewed

Baltimore Ravens defensive end Paul Kruger was interviewed recently by The Sports Zone on from Salt Lake City. He spoke about the NFL Lockout, what he sees his role being with the team in 2011, his former college team moving into the PAC-12 conference as well as his charitable foundation.

Kruger is raising much needed funds through his charitable foundation,, for paralyzed high school wrestler Dale Lawrence. Kruger says he watches ESPN to find out if he is going to have a job or not, just like everyone else. He has been doing a lot of training with the University of Utah during this labor dispute.

Kruger has been playing more on passing downs and feels this year he should have more of a starting role, expecting to play more than 50% of the plays. If his prediction ends up coming to fruition, that means he will be contributing to the pass rush, which would make everyone happy for the return the team is finally getting on their investment in him as a 2nd round draft pick in 2009.