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Ravens Interested In Asomugha

The Baltimore Ravens have confirmed their interest in former Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha. However, the likelihood of him joining the Ravens is highly unlikely, given the size contract that signing Asomugha would require, according to a story on Football News Now. Ravens fans are drooling as they read this, dreaming of pairing the veteran star corner along with their prized rookie, Jimmy Smith.

Unfortunately for Ravens fans, Nnamdi will be getting "Darrelle Revis-money," meaning that he is probably out-pricing himself from what the Ravens can afford. With needs at defensive end and linebacker, as well as ensuring their own free agents do not "fly the coop," Baltimore must focus their attention to priorities elsewhere.

Of course, if we want to dream, the Ravens could jettison some high salaries by not retaining current cornerback Domonique Foxworth ($7 million) and letting some of their other potential free agents walk away from the team and sign lesser-priced veterans and undrafted players once free agency opens up. We're allowed to dream, right...?