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Sergio Kindle Still A Big Question Mark

The Baltimore Ravens will not know which Sergio Kindle is the one they will end up with until he gets out onto an NFL practice field and ultimately, into a real game. At this time last year, most Ravens fans, as well as his employers and teammates, were ready to see if the self-proclaimed future "NFL Defensive Rookie-of-the-Year" could do what he had done at the University of Texas and greatly improve the Ravens pass rush.

Alas, that was just not how it was going to be, and while Kindle says he has been cleared for football activities, he still has some lingering effects which won't be fully determined how they will affect his abilities on the gridiron until he actually steps onto it.

Just putting on a helmet and banging your head into the wall, as Kindle has said he was doing, doesn't give a true indication of what a helmet-to-0helmet hit will really feel like, when the other helmet is a different color worn by a man who wants to hit you harder than you might hit him.

Until then, read John Eisenberg's story related to this at, and cross your fingers.