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Might Marc Bulger Return To The Ravens?

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While most people are projecting former Baltimore Ravens reserve QB Marc Bulger to be getting a starting job with another team, there is word that Bulger might be content in staying a backup in 2011. Bulger is at the point in his career that he is looking more for that elusive Super Bowl ring than the notion of just starting for any team.

Signed as a free agent by the Ravens in 2010, Bulger never got into a game and while he looked solid in practice, that was enough to have him being considered one of the prime free agent veteran QB's on the market when it finally opens after the labor dispute is settled.

In a story on the National Football Post, Bulger is thought to not be focused so much on starting as he is on being on a winning team and odds are that he would only start on a team either desperate for a veteran QB or to mentor a young rookie draft pick, two jobs he just might not be interested in. If that is the case then why not return t the team that invested in you last year and where you are now comfortable with your teammates and have a good grasp of the offense?