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Did Ravens' Harbaugh Try To Nix The Jimmy Smith Pick?

Ravens' Jimmy & Torrey Smith meet the press
Ravens' Jimmy & Torrey Smith meet the press

According to a story on Geek Sports, the answer might very well have been "yes." In a link to Pro Football Zone, Philadelphia radio personality Howard Eskin believes that Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh did not want the team to draft the guy who reportedly had "character issues." Perhaps the comparison to former Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister just rubbed Harbaugh the wrong way and he didn't want a repeat of that relationship.

Shortly after Harbaugh became head coach, C-Mac was released by the team, after the reports surfaced that there was tension between the rookie head coach and the former All-Pro who had seen his share of trouble in his career. With one of the great things about the Ravens being how rough they play on the field, yet how well behaved they have pretty much been off of it, the possibility of having to babysit the rookie from Colorado might not have sat well with the coach.

However, even Eskin notes he has not even spoken with Harbaugh and therefore, all of his comments are nothing other than speculation, as having seen the interactions and interviews firsthand with both Harbaugh and Jimmy smith, something tells me both coach and player will be the best of friends and happy they are on the same team.