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Ravens Need Fullback For Effective Running Game

In the last ten years or so, the Baltimore Ravens have always been a run-first offense, and while the focus has seemed to be on the passing attack for the past year, it's the run game that will make or break this team in 2011 and beyond. A solid running attack will only help improve the passing game. The better the Ravens are at running the ball, the close to the line of scrimmage the opposing defenses will creep, until QB Joe Flacco and his revamped passing attack ultimately burns them.

In 2010, the running game had perhaps their worst season in the Flacco-era. The offensive line may have been the main culprit to blame, but the lack of utilizing a two-man backfield hurt the team's ability to pick up first downs on third and short situations, as all too many times they threw instead of running on third and one.

With the possibility of losing FB LeRon McClain very real and only Jason McKie as a true fulback on the roster, there is the thought that rookie RB Anthony Allen (Georgia Tech) might be trained for that role. Football News Now wrote a short story on the issue and think that unless they end up with a solid player in that position, starting RB Ray Rice will not have the type of success that he is fully capable of if he has a lead blocker in front of him.