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Madden 12 Team Entrance: Baltimore Ravens

EA Sports recently released the players entrances on two team from their Madden 2012 video game and one of the two was the Baltimore Ravens (the other was the Dallas Cowboys). It's a pretty authentic look at the stadium, surrounding areas, players and especially Ray Lewis. Check it out on on the gaming site, Pastapadre.

Not only in Baltimore, but around the NFL, Lewis' entrance onto the playing field is legendary and known as one of the best of all-time. Nothing riles up the home team fans when he is announced at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, comes out, picks up a piece of "his" turf and then goes into his patented dance.

Regardless of what side of the ball gets introduced at home games, there is no reason why Ray should not be the final player introduced every time! While the team might think it is getting old and replayed, they should listen to how loud the fans get in their seats and with the 2011 season perhaps being his final one of his great career, to have him perform it at least eight more times seems like a good idea to me.