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Filed under: Flacco Needs To Step Up

As if the fans of the Baltimore Ravens need to hear anyone else say what they already know, which is the only thing that will stand in the way of the team either going all the way or failing again is the progress or lack of from fourth year QB Joe Flacco.

Flacco knows and welcomes the challenge and most people seem to think that this is the year that Joe takes that next step to get to the elite level and lead the Ravens to the Promised Land. He finally has that deep threat that hs been missing in his three previous years in the league. The defense started off slow but finished strong and looks to be even better in 2011.

Joe has already led the off season player's-only practice at Towson University and hosted a couple of the new rookie wide receivers to give them a head start on learning the details of the Ravens huge playbook in lieu of the NFL Lockout. To have to hear that analyst Bucky Brooks is calling him out is no big deal to Joe, who has heard it all and appears ready to prove his naysayers wrong starting in 2011. For Joe to be considered a franchise QB, Brooks writes, he needs to find playoff success. If winning four post season games on the road in his first three season is not considered playoff success, then I guess that the only definition of that in Brooks' opinion must be a Super Bowl ring.

Wouldn't it be nice to shut up all the so-called analysts who seem to think that Flacco just can't get it done by leading the Ravens to the Super Bowl and winning the game's MVP trophy along the way?