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Baltimore Ravens: Pluses & Minuses

In his AFC North blog on ESPN, James Walker is looking at the division and focusing on one positive and negative thing on each team. First up are the Baltimore Ravens and Walker thinks that Baltimore is the most talented in the division and as talented a team as any in the NFL - on paper.

However, as we all know, the games are played on the gridiron and that's where the Ravens always seem to come up a bit short, usually based on a play or two over the course of the entire game. Walker loves the "wealth of talent" on the Ravens and finds it hard to see any glaring holes on the roster. He likes what the team did in the 2011 NFL Draft at both cornerback and wide receiver.

However, he remains concerned just like fans are about the lack of a pass rush that doomed the Ravens chances all too often last year. The Ravens had 27 sacks in 2010, 21 less than the NFL-leading Pittsburgh Steelers. To drive another stake in the Ravens backs, even the Cleveland Browns had more sacks last year (28) than Baltimore. For the Ravens to make the next step to Super Bowl contender, this has to improve in 2011.