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Ravens Have Fans In Other Cities

Over at the SB Nation blog on the Chicago Bears, Windy City Gridiron, they ask their readers other than the home team, what other team do you root for and why? Surprisingly, a lot of their fans seem to root for the Baltimore Ravens when not rooting for da' Bears!

The comments ranged from liking the hard hitting Ravens defense, which they compare to the Bears physical presence on the defensive side of the ball, to their like of RB Ray Rice, who reminds some of their own RB, Matt Forte, who is similar to Rice in that he can both run and catch as well as any other running back in the league.

For some of the Bears' fans, however, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the team they follow, and for pretty much the same reason why others like the Ravens. In the NFL, for purists, it's all about the hard hitting defense that impresses true fans and in the Windy City, if they're not rooting for Chicago, I guess the next best thing is either Baltimore or Pittsburgh.