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NFL Labor Dispute Could Be Settled As Early As Next Week

The NFL has informed the individual team owners to be prepared for a long week of negotiations in the current labor dispute, according to a story in the National Football Post. This is a good sign, as both sides have been "secretly" meeting in Chicago for the past week or so. While the so-called "secrecy" issue remains to be seen, the actual details of what has ensued behind those closed doors has not been revealed.

However, with the prospect of losing so much money getting more and more real as the days and weeks pass by without any settlement in sight, both sides know that the sooner they can get something done, the sooner the season can get back on track. If the two sides wait until this goes back into the courtroom, neither the NFL owners nor players will like what will end up happening and you will end up at some point with one happy side and one resentful side in the outcome.

The thought of a delayed, much less an abbreviated season does not sit well with fans, although if the dispute continues and is settled at some point in the late summer or fall, could still be a very real possibility. However, if the two sides reach an agreement over the next few weeks, there is no reason that Training camps and the regular season could start on time. Cross your fingers...