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Arthur Jones Ready For 2011 Season

While other players might be sitting around waiting for the NFL labor dispute to be settled, second year Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Arthur Jones is using this lull to get in as good shape as possible. According to a story on, Jones has been working out and has lost 20 pounds since last season.

Not only has Art been training, MMA-style, with his brother, Jon, who is the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion, he has been up at Syracuse University, working out with his former teammates as well as his younger brother, Chandler who is on the team.

In the story, Jones had this to say about the recent players-only workout at Towson University, the NFL Lockout and readiness for football in 2011:

"We had a 3 day work out in Townson, Townson University and it was good. It was productive. It was good to see all the guys faces and I'm excited for this lockout to end and get back to work and smash some heads,"