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Q&A With Ravens' Sergio Kindle

Sergio Kindle at Ravens Rookie Camp (2010)
Sergio Kindle at Ravens Rookie Camp (2010)

In addition to the other players on the Baltimore Ravens, linebacker Sergio Kindle has also hosted a youth football camp in Texas. While Kindle has not stepped onto the playing field in a regular season game for the Ravens, he is hoping that his recovery from a serious head injury will be complete in time for him to play and contribute in 2011.About 200 kids participated in this football camp, which was attended my Kindle as well as other Texas football players

He sat down for a Q&A with Express-News staff writer Dan McCarney in a story posted on to answer a few questions, from his injury to the NFL Lockout to his football future. Sergio says he has been cleared for contact:

"But I got cleared to play again in March. So I have to get back into it and see how it goes from there. Of course, I got cleared, but until I actually do contact, that's what's going to determine (my progress)."

Kindle is waiting for the labor issues in the league to be settled and this delay may actually help him extend his recovery period to be sure he can resume contact when Training Camp opens up. At the same time, Sergio will need to continue his Ravens education and could use all the reps he can get in order to learn the defense and its schemes.