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Haloti Ngata has high school coaching position,...if he wants it

While Baltimore Ravens All-Pro defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, waits to see what is going to happen with the current NFL labor dispute, he knows there will always be the option of coaching on his former high school football team. According to a story in The Salt Lake Tribune, Ngata's former coach, Larry Wilson, is still at Herriman High School and was more than a coach to Ngata during his time there.

Wilson saw a great athlete and easy-going kid in Haloti, but his grades were suffering. Together, their relationship bloomed and Wilson was given the responsibility of determining which college that Ngata should go to, as he ended up at the University of Oregon and the rest is college and NFL history.

Ngata is currently in Salt Lake City volunteering at the school by helping Wilson as he prepares his team for the coming high school football season. The kids on the team look at the Ravens All-Pro as a mega-star, but Haloti just shrugs it off and gets along with everybody.

Click on the link above to read the article about his warm relationship with his high school coach and what he is doing during this labor impasse.