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Steelers' Woodley Disses Ravens' Flacco

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In a recent story on James Walker's ESPN AFC North Blog, he writes about how Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley stated that Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco will never win a Super Bowl "in this lifetime." That comment is sure to just add fuel to the most intense rivalry currently in the NFL right now, not that it needed any help.

Woodley goes on to say that the biggest obstacle for Flacco and the Ravens is his Pittsburgh Steelers. He says that the only way the Ravens can make it to the Big Game is to beat the Steelers and if Pittsburgh gets that close, there's no way Baltimore is going to beat them. While that has been true since Flacco has been in the league, the slate must be wiped clean for each new year and the 2011 NFL  season is shaping up to be another great one for both teams.

With the new draft picks and another year of exerience under his helmet, Flacco should be ready to erase the two season-ending losses to the Steelers in the post season. If Woodley thinks his comments will just be laughed at and ignored by Joe and his teammates, just wait until the regular season opener in Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium comes on September 11, 2011 and you will see this may very well happen "in this lifetime!"