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Ravens' Webb Holds Free Football Camp

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One of the benefits on no organized football for the NFL is that the players can devote more time to charitable causes. As opposed to finding new (and old) ways to get into trouble, some layers are doing their best to keep in touch with their fans and Baltimore Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb is one of them. Webb, along with fellow Ravens teammate, Terrence Cody, is holding a free youth football camp in Alabama.

Other NFL players are participating in the two-day camp for underprivilidged Alabama youths. Webb was drafted by the Ravens as a relative unknown out of Norfolk State in 2009 but has pleasantly surprised the team in his agressiveness and skills and has become a fan and media favorite with his easy-going attitude and friendly personality.

Obviously his community service efforts will only add to his growing reputation as a classy young man who is focused on his NFL career and wants to be a role model for kids in the community from which he came out of to rise to the level of a professional football player in the NFL.