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Sports Radio Interviews: Philip Rivers & Pat Haden

Philip Rivers talks about whether or not he would be okay with an eight game season, if he thinks that a lockout can actually happen, if he would play in the UFL with how much he loves football, and how workouts are going this offseason:

Funny thing about Rivers' comments on willing to only play an eight game season if the lockout extends deep into the 2011 regular season is that the San Diego Chargers are perennial slow starters and usually make a run at the weak AFC West division title in the last part of the season, so the possibility of a shorter season should scare them more than anybody else!

Pat Haden discusses being stripped of the national championship, why he hasn’t heard from Reggie Bush lately, if he will still view the team as the national champion, if he would like to see Auburn awarded the title and the difficulties of monitoring so many student-athletes:

Reggie Bush was one of the more amazing players coming out of college and when the Houston Texans passed on him to take DE Mario Williams instead, many people laughed at them. Who's laughing now?