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SB Nation's 'State Of The Baltimore Ravens'

I just completed a short narrative on the 'State of the Baltimore Ravens' for our parent company, SB Nation. I looked at the chance of the Ravens once again being not only perennial playoff contenders but a Super Bowl team as well. Taking a look at their post season success the past three years, along with the growth of QB Joe Flacco, the additions to his passing attack as well as the veteran leadership, I felt that while the proverbial "window of opportunity" was closing, it is definitely still there in 2011.

The Ravens have as good a chance as any team, including AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers, of making and winning the Big Game next season. Their revamped receiving corps should be able to stretch the field and open the middle. Their offensive line should improve in both pass and run blocking and their defense will, well you know, be the Ravens defense that still puts fear into their opponents.

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