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NFL May Shut Down League

NFL Lockout Logo
NFL Lockout Logo

If the players win the next appeal to lift the lockout and force the owners to play the NFL season under 2010 rules until they can work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, there is a chance that the NFL owners may instead choose to completely shut down all business operations to prevent that from happening. That would turn the tables on the players and force them to negotiate until a new CBA is in place before resuming operations.

In a story posted Sunday afternoon at, Mike Florio reports that the rumor would not violate any judge's ruling, as it would be similar to a company going out of business, at least temporarily. Whether or not this is a possibility or just a unfounded rumor is scary nonetheless, as the thought of the NFL owners even considering this action proves that this labor issue at a war between the two sides, with neither group willing to concede anything and drastic measures are options to gain leverage.

A lockout is one thing, but a complete shutdown of business operations may mean that the start of the 2011 regular season would almost surely be delayed. Let's all hope that this is just a viscious rumor that does not begin to even come close to reality.