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Flacco To Call Audibles In 2011

Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome says that in 2011, QB Joe Flacco will have more freedom to change the play called when he gets to the line of scrimmage. Reportedly, in 2010, Flacco was stuck with the play called in his helmet by offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, at times leading to disastrous results. Without the ability to check out of the play called, the Ravens offense was too predictable at times, as opposing teams repeatedly said they knew the play the Ravens were going with almost as soon as they broke the huddle last year.

From a story by Aaron Wilson in the Carroll County Times, Newsome said:

"As we move forward this year, this will become Joe's offense. It won't be Cam's offense, it will be Joe's offense. Cam may call the plays, but I think Joe's going to have more of an opportunity to change some things. This has to be Joe's offense."

This comes as welcome news for Ravens fans, who felt that Flacco needed more control of the offense after three years as a full-time starter, not missing a single start in his NFL career. It's about time he gets the same freedom to manage and lead the Ravens offense as Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan has over his play-calling. Ryan showed his leadership skills in the Falcons last minute comeback win over the Ravens in 2010. Often compared to Ryan, Flacco should now be able to prove his worth to the team with the control to change the call at the line of scrimmage if he reads the defense and feels that another play would have a better chance to succeed.

Taking that ultimate last-second control would give Flacco the chance to show the team and fans that he is indeed able to lead the Ravens to victory against the tougher teams, especially the Pittsburgh Steelers, by reading defenses and changing the call on the fly.