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Thanks To Ravens' Moms

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On Mother's Day, we all will take some time to thank our Mom's for all they've done for us over the years. They raised us the best they could, sacrificing a major portion of their lives to steer us in the right direction, give us advice and comfort us when we had no one else to turn to. As we get older, we only begin to realize the magnitude of investment they have put into our lives. Someone once said that one does not understand what it is to be a child until one becomes a parent.

In addition to thanking your Mom on this Mother's Day, take a brief moment if you are reading this to silently applaud the fine job that the mothers of our Baltimore Ravens' players, coaches and front office people have done. They've given us the type of person under the helmet, on the sidelines or in the offices that have collectively made the Baltimore Ravens one of the top franchises in the NFL. Whenever a player is drafted, who do they usually turn to and share hugs, kisses and tears? Their Mom's probably feel as if they are being "rewarded" for all their hard work when their kids are drafted and with their son's signing bonuses, they soon will be!

So like they say is behind every good man, works for every good son, player, coach and front office person. Behind all of them, stands a Mom. Happy Mother's Day!