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Ray Welcomes Jimmy Smith

Baltimore Ravens rookie Jimmy Smith picked up the phone and might have been surprised to find that at the other end of the line was the team vocal leader, Ray Lewis. Actually, according to a story at, Smith wasn't that surprised, knowing how Ray reaches out to a lot of players, both on the Ravens and around the league.

When Smith was selected by the Ravens with the 26th pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the team's PR Department got him on a speaker phone to take a few questions from the media assembled at the Ravens Training Complex. I was there in attendance and after the veteran media grilled Smith about the questions surrounding his "character concerns," I finally asked him "what it was like knowing that you're going to be playing alongside of Ed Reed and behind Ray Lewis?"

Just like that night and again in response to Lewis' phone call, Jimmy seemed as much a fan as a teammate in his excitement, easily evidenced by his recounting of their phone conversation. Check it out and with that phone call, we can now say that Jimmy Smith has been "officially" welcomed to the Baltimore Ravens defense.