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Ravens' Torrey Smith: 'The Microwave King'

New Raven WR Torrey Smith is introduced to the media
New Raven WR Torrey Smith is introduced to the media

Wide receiver Torrey Smith was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft because the team needed a fast receiver to stretch the field for possible quick scores as well as opening things up for not only the other receivers on the team, but also for the running game by forcing the opposition's defense to play off the line of scrimmage and not stack the box to stuff the run.

However, while they knew they were also getting a fine young man in Smith, they probably never knew about his culinary skills utilizing the microwave oven. Smith became proficient in producing meals via the rotating glass plate being bombarded by electrical waves while helping out his Mom and feeding his three younger brothers breakfast each morning. While his mother, Monica, caught a few hours of sleep after taking college classes during the day and working two jobs at night, Torrey woke his brothers up in the morning, pushed a chair up against the kitchen counter so he could figure out what to put into the microwave for breakfast. His mother said when she heard the "ding" of the microwave's bell, she knew they were getting fed and could catch a few more winks of precious sleep. Thus, he "earned" the nickname in the title of this story, 'The Microwave King.'

In a great story in the Washington Post dated December 26, 2010, writer Eric Prisbell details the incredible upbringing that Smith's mother struggled to provide, sacrificing not only her youth but her body to abuse, all for the benefit of her kids to have a safe home. If you haven't read it, I firmly believe that once you do, you will root even harder for this kid to succeed and somehow you know that the challenge on the football field will be a lot easier that the ones he faced growing up.