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Todd McShay's 2012 NFL Mock Draft

The ink is barely dry on the 2011 NFL Draft and already the experts are predicting not only the order of finish next season but the 2012 NFL Draft as well. Take a look at ESPN Draft Expert Todd McShay's first go at it and check out who they have the Baltimore Ravens selecting and at what position next April.

The order below was determined by reversing NFL power rankings provided by Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson after the 2011 draft.

Cleveland Browns
2010 record: 5-11 | Needs: ROT, OLB, CB, OG, WR

Andrew Luck*, QB, Stanford
Luck is a once-in-a-decade kind of talent with all the tools to be an elite NFL quarterback. He returned to Stanford for the 2011 season even though coach Jim Harbaugh moved to the NFL, and the team with the No. 1 overall pick in 2012 should trade its existing quarterback to draft Luck. He's that good. If not, the pick will be up for public auction.

Carolina Panthers
2010 Record: 2-14 | Needs: WR, DE, OLB, CB, RB

Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina
Coples is a 6-foot-6, 255-pound end with great versatility. He explodes off the ball, is powerful and quick and was all over the field in 2010.

Washington Redskins
2010 record: 6-10 | Needs: QB, DL, ILB, WR, CB

Matt Barkley*, QB, USC
Barkley came into his own in 2010, showing natural anticipation and more consistency. He also emerged as a strong leader.

Buffalo Bills
2010 record: 4-12 | Needs: QB, OLB, TE, LOT, S

Matt Kalil*, OT, USC
Kalil is a 6-5, 295-pounder with great feet, and he is so strong at left tackle that 2011 first-round pick Tyron Smith stayed on the right side while at USC. Kalil's brother, Ryan Kalil, is the starting center for the Carolina Panthers.

Denver Broncos
2010 record: 4-12 | Needs: DT, MLB, QB, RB, CB

Jerel Worthy*, DT, Michigan State
At 6-3 and 305 pounds, Worthy is an active tackle who can be disruptive in the backfield and flashes the ability to get to the quarterback.
Arizona Cardinals
2010 record: 5-11 | Needs: QB, OT/G, OLB, S, TE

Donte Paige-Moss*, DE, North Carolina
Another Tar Heels defensive lineman with NFL potential, Paige-Moss has the build and athleticism to play right defensive end in a 4-3 scheme or outside linebacker in a 3-4 like Arizona's.
Seattle Seahawks
2010 record: 7-9 | Needs: NT, CB, WR, RB, S

Alshon Jeffery*, WR, South Carolina
I'll be interested to see how Jeffery runs and to study more tape on his route-running, but he passes the eyeball test with flying colors and has delivered clutch performances in big games during his short career.
Tennessee Titans
2010 record: 6-10 | Needs: OG, CB, DT, ILB, DE

Jayron Hosley*, CB, Virginia Tech
Hosley is an underrated cover corner with good ball skills.
Oakland Raiders
2010 record: 8-8 | FS, QB, TE, WR, OT

Jonathan Martin*, OT, Stanford
Martin is technically sound, and at 6-6 and 305 pounds, he can continue to improve his feet and strength. He is a two-year starter entering his junior season.
Cincinnati Bengals
2010 record: 4-12 | Needs: CB, DT, RB, SS, PK

Janoris Jenkins, CB, Florida
Jenkins' status is unknown after he was dismissed by Florida in late April following a second arrest on a charge of marijuana possession in a three-month span. He could elect for the 2011 supplemental draft, but at this point, he remains one of the top 2012 corner prospects. Watch his handling of 2010 first-round pick A.J. Green to see just how good Jenkins is.
San Francisco 49ers
2010 record: 6-10 | Needs: DT, CB, DE, QB, PK

Dre Kirkpatrick*, CB, Alabama
Kirkpatrick is yet another Nick Saban-coached defensive back on his way to the NFL. He needs to fill out his long frame but has the ability to become an effective press-man corner at the next level.
St. Louis Rams
2010 record: 7-9 | Needs: OLB, DT, RB, OG, FS

Trent Richardson*, RB, Alabama
Richardson has a rare combination of size, power and burst, and he piled up more than 1,800 yards of total offense the past two seasons while sharing time with 2011 first-round pick Mark Ingram.
Minnesota Vikings
2010 record: 6-10 | FS, OT, DT, OLB, WR

Marcus Forston*, DT, Miami
The Vikings weren't able to address their need for a full-time starter at defensive tackle in the 2011 draft, and heading into his junior season, the 6-3, 310-pound Forston has the size and strength to become an impact every-down starter in the NFL.
Jacksonville Jaguars
2010 record: 8-8 | DE, OLB, MLB, FS, CB

Luke Kuechly*, LB, Boston College
Kuechly is a high-motor, hardworking linebacker with good football tools and even better mental makeup. His instincts and tackling skills helped him pile up a ridiculous 183 total tackles in 2010.
Miami Dolphins
2010 record: 7-9 | QB, FS, ILB, TE, DE

Landry Jones*, QB, Oklahoma
It will be interesting to see how Chad Henne does behind an upgraded offensive line, and if he is unable to get the job done, Miami will be one of the quarterback-hungry teams entering the 2012 draft. We still need to study more film on Jones. Although he continues to improve and has prototypical size and the arm strength to make all the throws, to work his way up to this point, he needs to become more consistent in terms of footwork, accuracy and decision-making in 2011.
Detroit Lions
2010 record: 6-10 | CB, WLB, SLB, OT, DE

Stephon Gilmore*, CB, South Carolina
Depending on what the Lions do in free agency, corner still could be a need in next year's draft. Gilmore is a smooth, fluid athlete with good size and a chance to become one of the elite cover corners in the nation next season with better technique and recognition skills.
Kansas City Chiefs
2010 record: 10-6 | ROT, ILB, TE, NT, LS

Manti Te'o, LB, Notre Dame
Te'o has developed into a solid player and should emerge as one of the elite linebackers in the nation in 2011. He continues to improve his recognition skills and has the quickness and power you look for in a starting inside linebacker in the NFL.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2010 record: 10-6 | Needs: CB, OLB, OT, RB, OG

Zach Brown, LB, North Carolina
Brown is your prototypical weakside linebacker. He's slightly undersized with room to improve at the point of attack, but he is a smooth athlete who can flat-out fly all over the field.
Chicago Bears
2010 record: 11-5 | Needs: WR, OLB, CB, ILB, C

Justin Blackmon*, WR, Oklahoma State
The Bears remain in the market for a big wideout to complement their speedsters on the perimeter, Johnny Knox and Devin Hester. Anyone who saw Blackmon use his size and strength against Prince Amukamara last season knows he would be the right man for the job.
Houston Texans
2010 record: 6-10 | Needs: FS, NT, OG/C, OT, ILB

Ray-Ray Armstrong*, S, Miami
After loading up the defensive front this year, the Texans could be in the market for a playmaker in the secondary next year. Armstrong has steadily improved in the past two years and has been the No. 1 ball hawk for the Hurricanes. He would be a perfect fit for Wade Phillips' scheme, which puts as much pressure on its safeties as it does the corners in zone looks.
Dallas Cowboys
2010 record: 6-10 | DE, S, CB, ILB, C

Cliff Harris*, CB, Oregon
Harris has a lot of work to do as a corner, but few individuals in college football show more explosiveness and big-play ability than he does. Harris is also one of the most dangerous return men in the nation.
San Diego Chargers
2010 record: 6-10 | Needs: OLB, ROT, NT, ILB, C

Vontaze Burfict*, LB, Arizona State
Burfict is a work in progress and needs more game experience and coaching, but he is a physical specimen who can play sideline-to-sideline and blow plays up like no other linebacker in the country.
New York Giants
2010 record: 10-6 | Needs: OLB, MLB, LOG/C, OT, TE

Keenan Robinson, LB, Texas
Robinson is maybe the most underrated defensive prospect in the nation. He constantly jumped out during film study on other players last year, doing a great job of getting off blocks and showing good closing burst in pursuit.
Philadelphia Eagles
2010 record: 10-6 | Needs: CB, OLB, ROT, TE, DL

Travis Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma
Lewis is a quicker-than-fast weakside linebacker and one of the most productive in the nation the past two years. I'll be interested to see after studying film how much of that is due to the scheme and how much is due to his tools, but he does appear to have the closing burst to contribute in the NFL.
New York Jets
2010 record: 11-5 | OLB, OT/G, S, TE, WR

Brandon Jenkins*, DE, Florida State
Jenkins is a throwback Florida State pass-rusher with the frame (6-3, 234) to fit nicely on the outside in a 3-4 scheme like New York's. His 13.5 sacks as a sophomore in 2010 were the most on a team that led nation with 48 sacks.
Cleveland Browns (from ATL)
2010 record: 5-11 | Needs: ROT, OLB, OG, WR

Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State
Adams is 6-7 with a lean frame and needs to add bulk. Although he's not as athletic as 2010 first-rounder Nate Solder, he has similar potential to make a big move as a senior.
Baltimore Ravens
2010 record: 12-4 | Needs: S, ILB, DE, OLB, RB

Robert Lester*, S, Alabama
The 6-2, 215-pound Lester made big strides as a sophomore and has good straight-line speed to go with natural playmaking instincts, all of which could put him into the early rounds in 2012.
New England Patriots (from NOR)
2010 record: 14-2 | Needs: OLB, DE, WR, FS, C

Andre Branch, DE, Clemson
Branch is a 4-3 end at Clemson, but at 6-4 and 255 pounds, he continued to jump out as we studied 2010 tape of former Tigers DE Da'Quan Bowers. Branch has the look of the kind of 3-4 outside linebacker the Patriots like.
Indianapolis Colts
2010 record: 10-6 | Needs: WR, SS, CB, OLB, RB

Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M
Fuller broke out as a playmaker in 2010 and should only get better in his second year with QB Ryan Tannehillin 2011. Fuller has the size (6-4, 215), ball skills and playmaking ability to transition nicely to the NFL.
Pittsburgh Steelers
2010 record: 12-4 | Needs: NT, CB, WR, TE, OG

Kelechi Osemele, OL, Iowa State
A versatile prospect, Osemele (6-4, 325) starts at left tackle for Iowa State and is arguably the best overall player for the Cyclones. He could potentially play guard or right tackle in the NFL.
New England
2010 record: 14-2 | Needs: OLB, DE, WR, FS, C

Jared Crick, DT, Nebraska
Crick is a limited athlete but has the size, strength and toughness to become a starting 5-technique in a base 3-4 front.
Green Bay Packers
2010 record: 10-6 | Needs: DE, OLB, OG, CB, RS

Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia
Minnifield stepped up when 2010 draftee Ras-I Dowling missed significant time. Although Minnifield needs to add bulk, he shows the instincts and overall tools to become an NFL starter.