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Gaither Remains In Ravens' Plans

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When the Baltimore Ravens drafted offensive tackle Jah Reid (Central Florida) in the 3rd round of the 2011 NFL Draft, most people thought he would just be handed the team's right tackle starting job. Not so fast, say the Ravens. Jared Gaither remains on the roster and unless either a new Collective Bargaining Agreement or the team says otherwise, he will be in Training Camp at some point this summer to compete for the position.

Unfortunately, Gaither feels he should not have to learn a new position, according to a story in the National Football Post. Gaither has played his entire NFL career on the left side before injuring himself and missing the 2010 season. At the same time, it appears Michael Oher is entrenched at left tackle and if Gaither is going to play for the Ravens in 2011, it would be on the right side.

Surprisingly, the rookie Reid may actually have a head start on Gaither, having played his full college career on the right side for Central Florida. Either way, the team looks to have some versatility and depth on the offensive line, a luxury they have not had at that position in years.